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A Licensed/ Certified Professional Here to Guide You

Nisy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been licensed from Pennsylvania and Georgia since 2006. She graduated with a Bachelors in Arts in psychology/sociology from Emory University in 1999, and with and Master Social Work from University of Pennsylvania in 2001. She has also received her certification in Life Coaching in 2017.

Nisy has worked with various populations including children, youth, women, and couples. Her areas of expertise consist of:

  • Foster care/adoption

  • Blended family

  • Strengths based coaching

  • Prepare-Enrich for pre-marital or married couples

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Spiritual formation

  • Loss and grief

As a teenager, Nisy sensed that counseling would be a profession that she had natural inclinations for as she found herself listening to others, empathizing with their struggles and offering words of comfort and encouragement. As a psychology and sociology double major from Emory University, she learned how individual personalities and their behaviors are influenced by the environment and family structure.


After graduating in 2001 with a MSW from University of Pennsylvania, she started her social work career as an emotional support counselor at a public high school helping teens work through various areas of their lives. She has worked in multiple environments such as: a pregnancy resource center, foster care and adoption, elementary and middle schools, and a trauma-focused and gospel-centered Christian counseling practices.


Nisy enjoys living life by hanging out with her family, friends, and neighbors. In her spare time, she delights in baking, running, journaling at coffee shops/cafes, and worshiping the Lord through music. Having traveled to India, Italy, and Hawaii, she hopes to one day step foot in Greece, Puerto Rico, and Bhutan.

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