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“There is a past, a present, and a future. Only two of these can be negotiated.” - Dr. Rick Voyles

What is Mediation?


Mediation is an initial step towards dispute resolution. It is a creative practice that is commonly used to help individuals, companies, and organizations attempt to work towards an agreeable solution. Traditionally, when people are unable to settle a dispute they end up taking the case to court.  Mediation can potentially be a more cost-effective option that allows both parties to negotiate an agreement that leaves them both satisfied. When a case is taken before a judge, the verdict is typically made in the favor of one party over the other.  Mediators are neutral and do not take sides. They help facilitate a process and discussion between two or more parties that may result in resolving the dispute.

Populations Served?


Mediation Services are available to small businesses, organizations, churches and the general population for civil disputes within the Greater Atlanta Area. Services are available outside of Atlanta for additional fees.


Benefits of Mediation?


  • Potentially more cost-effective than arbitration or legal services

  • Both Parties will have a chance to be heard

  • Meditation is flexible

  • Participants control the outcome

  • Medication is secure and confidential

  • Mediation preserves relationships

  • Mediation captures information from the past but focuses on the future

  • You can stop at any time



If you are interested in Mediation Services or if you would like additional information, please feel free to contact our office today! 

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