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Clinical Counseling Supervision with

Magaen J.Harris, LPC

Individual & Group


Magaen Harris, LPC, CSPS is proud to offer supervision in a group and individual format! She is a Georgia Certified Supervisor, and  provides both group and individual supervision, in-office and remote settings available. Clinical supervision is available to those looking to grow in the mental health field. 

Group supervision consists of two but no more than six clinicians. I offer group supervision is offered to Master Level Clinicians that are currently Associate Professional License or an APC looking to obtain full license as an Licensed Professional Counselor. 

I am excited to assist in your own professional development and helping you to create your own personal style!  My supervisory style is warmly direct and collaboration to help you to reflect on areas of growth, and enhance your skills and identify your own professional learning goals. 

 I am an integrative therapist, that draws from several theories of behavior change and this allows me to collaboratively tailor sessions to meet the needs of my supervisees.

I offer both supervision and consultation.    A supervisory relationship is not a short one, and focuses on the needs and growth trajectory of the individual supervisee. Commonly, this is when a candidate for licensure seeks supervision of their clinical practice and the many clinical issues that it may entail.  A consultative relationship may be a one-time or infrequent meeting focused on sharing some kind of expertise around a specific question or theme.  An example of this could be a clinician contacting me for a meeting to discuss how to address cancer in the family through play therapy. Important note: Supervision should be a good fit for both parties.  I offer a free 30 minute face-to-face meeting where we can discuss styles, goals, and get a good sense for what our working relationship might be like. Please fill out the form below to set up a consultation.  

Do you have a desire to start a career in Counseling? Have you started the process, but you don't know where to turn? Does the process seem confusing or overwhelming? Are you in the process of relocating from another state and need assistance with becoming licensed? If so, we have the perfect program to help you get your counseling career up and going. Our unique program will help you save time, money and frustration by having an experienced Coach help you along your journey.  


*Please note that this service is not considered supervision and will not count towards the supervisory component needed to satisfy the requirements for license.

Coaching/Mentor Program

Magaen Harris, LPC, CPCS

If you're interested in supervision, please complete the form below. I look forward to working with you!

Thanks for submitting. I will reach out to you soon!

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